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About me

In addition to my commitment to serve the mental, emotional and psychological well-being of my community, I am a mother, volunteer, professional and friend. I find that none of these things is easy to do well, all of the time.  I am continually involved in the process of being human and I draw upon my personal experience of challenge, alongside my diverse education and professional experience. Sometimes what matters most is knowing we are not alone and that we deserve support, even when life feels stuck.


My Theoretic Platform
My Training
Licensed Clinical Social Worker

University of Denver, Graduate School of Social Work

Maiberger Institute

EMDR Training

Bachelor of Fine Arts

Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design

I am an empowerment centered, strengths-based therapist. I draw from training and expertise in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Brief Solution-Focused Therapy, Humanistic Therapies and EMDR. All work is focused  on client-centered collaboration. Another way of saying this is that I believe in the human capacity to increase self awareness, choose acceptance, increase psychological flexibility, gain essential skills and allow the support of helpful others. This work is not just what I'm called to do, I believe it's inherent to who I am.

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